Tuesday, May 18, 2021

IU Writing Center (WRIC) aims at improving students’ writing abilities through free one-on-one tutorials. Besides, students are given opportunities to practice writing and receive surprising gifts through monthly challenges.

To make an appointment, students need to: 

-          Scan the QR code or follow this link: http://iuwritingcenterbooking.setmore.com

-          Click Log In to create a new profile (for the first time)

-          Click Book Appointment

-          Choose the appropriate level

-          Select the date and time for the tutoring session

-          Review the personal information and tick “I agree to the cancellation policy.

-          Click Continue

-          Click Book My Appointment

-          Check for confirmation email

Important note: Students have to make their appointment 24 hours before the appointment time.

On the appointment day, students need to:

-          Have their writing(s) printed

-          Have their pen/pencil/laptop ready for any revision

-          Check in at room A1-510

 To cancel the appointment, students need to:

-          Open the confirmation email

-          Click Cancel Appointment

To join monthly challenges, students need to:

-          Visit WRIC fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/hcmiuwritingcenter/ for more information


The Grammar class aims to offer students opportunities to revise or improve their grammar competence, so that they can get full comprehension of the materials given in the English courses as well as major courses. Sessions with theories, practical examples and practice are held on weekdays for individuals or groups.










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The English Speaking Club is open to IU students to use English in a variety of situations. It helps to improve their listening skills and speaking fluency, expanding their mastery of vocabulary and idioms and developing their intercultural skills through role-play activities, discussions, and group presentations. IU Students develop their skills through fluency–building techniques, funny clips, debates, presentations and discussions, games, and more. The Club is held on a monthly basis with different topics for participants to explore and practice. The ESC hopes to improve the participants’ communicative and interpersonal skills to benefit their study as well as their future purposes.



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The movie club offers students a chance to relax after stressful time of learning. The sessions show various kinds of movies that fit students’ taste, and include interesting activitiessuch as pre-watching discussions, mini-quizzes, speaking and writing contests, and many more.

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LANGUAGE LABS (ROOMS A1.507 & A1.508 & A1.509)

The Language Lab is an interactive, comprehensive service that prepares IU students for the reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. Participants develop good test-taking strategies, improving organizational skills in writing and speaking, increasing reading proficiency and vocabulary, identifying areas that need improvement, and practicing taking sections of the test. Participants receive individualized feedback from the instructor.


Lab practice 2013