Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A. Major Program

1. Program Information


Major code: 52 22 02 01

Total credits: 139

Duration: 4 years

Study mode: regular full-time

Language of instructions: English

2. Foundation Knowledge

Foundation Courses: Language Skills, Linguistics, Teaching Methodology

Categories: D1, A1

Admission quota: 50

College Foundation Courses (19 credit points)

Discipline-Related Foundation Courses (37 credit points)

General Discipline-Related Courses (25 credit points)

Compulsory Discipline-Related Courses (18 credit points)

Optional Discipline-Related Courses (24 credit points)

Internship and Thesis (16 credit points)

The two International University principals and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities awarded cooperation documents

B. Non-Major Program


IU Department of English offers courses to prepare students for English use on campus and in international work environments. The faculty administers the computer-based  test to assess student English skills for appropriate placement. English courses combine computer-assisted teaching methodologies and applied linguistics, resulting in the students’ command of the English language. The instructors hold Master’s or Doctoral degrees and are supportive and friendly.

2. Intensive English (IE)

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The IE Program ( IE 1 & IE 2) is for students who, after  having successfully completed each of the courses, are expected to have an English proficiency. Each course lasts 15 weeks (24 periods per week).

3. Academic English (AE)


The AE Program (AE1 & AE2), which is designed for students completing IE program, comprises comprehensive instruction and practice in academic writing (essays and thesis development), listening, note-taking, and presentations. Each course lasts 30 periods.

C. Bridging Program

The Bridging Program provides English courses (training receptive and productive skills) for graduate students to enhance their language proficiency.