Wednesday, November 14, 2018

1. Overview

The Bachelor English Linguistics Program of the Department of English, International University is not only consistent and interdisciplinary with those of other schools and departments at International University, but also highly empirical. It aims to equip students with adequate specific and practical knowledge for them to rapidly integrate into the society and get established in careers in the fields of Language teaching, Linguistics and Translation - Interpretation.

The curriculum is always updated and renovated in accordance with those of universities abroad. The well-qualified lecturers of the Department of English with diversified and profound knowledge, graduating from domestic teaching institutions and world class universities in the USA, the UK and Australia, hold master's or doctoral degrees in English language teaching, applied linguistics, linguistics and higher education.

The English Linguistics Program is designed according to the standards to be suitable for both Vietnamese and international students. After graduation, students can work for the organizations specializing in education or using foreign language at work, or they can continue to further their study and research at universities in the world2. 

2. Aims

The Bachelor English Linguistics Program offers courses to students to become professionals in  the fields of English linguistics, translation and interpretation, and language teaching who excel at pedagogical profession and are of political qualities, professional ethics, adaptability, flexibility, communicative skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and who can work independently and effectively in groupwork, and in the English-mediated environment  in the region and in the world. 

3. Disciplines

3.1 Linguistics: students are fully provided with the knowledge of the nature, functions, and development of language, advanced linguistic knowledge to prepare for higher study and research about language.

3.2 Language Teaching: students are fully provided with the knowledge of the nature, functions, origin, and development of teaching approaches and methods, advanced pedagogical knowledge to apply the knowledge and information technology in language teaching.

3.3 Translation & Interpretation: students are fully provided with the basic theories of translation to identify and improve core knowledge, and apply translation techniques and methods to translate texts effectively.

4. Career opportunities

Career opportunities for graduates are available in:

4.1 Government offices, publishing houses, or private companies with specifications in translation, interpretation, editing, or tourism.

4.2 Research centers, offices with specializations in language and applied linguistics.

4.3 High schools, language centers, private classes in companies and factories.

4.4 Domestic and international companies with demand of high quality labor force in the fields of customer service, communication, and foreign relations.

4.5 Careers in international communication which require effective English speaking and writing skills